The Man I Call The Austrian Husband

Impertinent Moi

1. Born and raised in Vienna. 2. Used to smoke like a typical Viennese (pre-Sandra). 3. Very sarcastic (European / Viennese) 4. Gastronomy snob: no hamburgers, no bagels (Viennese!). 5. Has impeccable style; never wears a polo on weekdays, but dress shirts. Looks hot as hell in suits and Barbour. 6. Reads Der Standard (Austrian […]

September 7, 2016


Teacher's Secrets!

You know me, I’m a professional complainer (or Parisian French), but I have a heart too (that I open only under exceptional circumstances). The time is ripe to show my gratitude to some current and former students who have made my life easier in class. FYI, I never praise people out of courtesy! (I stress […]

November 27, 2015