I don’t teach anymore

Impertinent Moi, Uncategorized / Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Life update: It’s a bittersweet feeling but yesterday at 7.30 P.M., I stopped teaching for good. I never thought the day would come!
Teaching used to be a passion. As you know, the salary was a joke, the work conditions were laughable. The only thing I was happy about was meeting new people. Classes with nice students helped me to turn a blind eye to the horrible conditions. I got all kind of students: engineers, housewives, university professors among others. Some of them were cool / loved me, some of them were totally nuts / hated me, but you know: they’re all humans! I always left an impression: excellent or bad. This job led me to discover my hidden talents: first, standing up in front of 16 students made me feel fearless and more powerful than Wonder Woman, then making them feel comfortable was a piece of cake and, finally, there is my legendary and unique sense of humor. Sometimes, I even surprise myself on that last little one. All of my former students learned something more than French grammar. They also learned about the rude, authentic, upfront Parisian culture.

On one hand, this job was like many other jobs with ups, down, strategies, victories and challenges. But, unlike other jobs, I think it can drive you totally nuts. I started suffering from insomnia when I had once a student trying to disturb the good classroom interaction. You know, this kind of person who loves to give unsolicited advice about everything. Of course, I always was able to silence this person thanks to my repartee. From here on it became an annoying tradition. I was suffering from insomnia all the time, independently of the students which I was teaching. This was the first time that this job impacted my health. I figured out that I could have the same amount of stress while getting a better salary. Becoming an insomniac is only worth it when you get paid decently.

Nevertheless, I feel sad to leave behind one chapter of my life. As I said earlier, I felt so strong and happy during class. I was a sucker for good French textbooks, designing handouts, etc. But life is about progress, growth and leaving your comfort zone.

Note to myself: Allez, don’t look behind!

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  1. Sandra, I loved your lessons and your talent to organize so different people together!
    I wish you the best of luck and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Natalie Lukianova

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