The Man I Call The Austrian Husband

Impertinent Moi / Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

1. Born and raised in Vienna.

2. Used to smoke like a typical Viennese (pre-Sandra).

3. Very sarcastic (European / Viennese)

4. Gastronomy snob: no hamburgers, no bagels (Viennese!).

5. Has impeccable style; never wears a polo on weekdays, but dress shirts. Looks hot as hell in suits and Barbour.

6. Reads Der Standard (Austrian newspaper) as soon as he wakes up.

7. Speaks German in a Viennese dialect and is fluent in French (French wife), but, bizarrely, speaks Belgian French.

8. Gourmet cook and, yes, he makes his own pasta from scratch! 95% of the pasta I have had in Boston restaurants simply can’t compare. Is transitioning to vegan chef for Moi.

9. Has more than 1,300 books in 3 languages.

10. Likes to talk about politics for hours.

11. Eats everything but salad (known in Chinatown as the “blond guy who actually eats chicken feets”).

12. Climbs everywhere (hills, mountains, ladders) and loves to start hiking at 4.00 AM (Viennese). Laughs at amateurs who hike in tennis shoes…

13. Learned to ski before he started to walk (Viennese).

14 Never gets tired of lecturing people (bossy Viennese).

15. Has tons of friends from around the world (non-Parisian).

16. Total coffee snob (Viennese), only drinks double espressos (which is never strong enough for our demanding European taste buds).

17. Doesn’t like music in cafés or restaurants (Viennese).

18. Crazy about opera and is able to recognize any opera aria you throw at him (Viennese).

19. Sleeps sometimes 4 hours a day (busy Viennese).

20. Able to do math anywhere, even figuring out an equation while he was asleep once (tired Viennese mathematician).

21. Believes in his own statements:

– It may be arrogant, but it’s me.

Being Sandra’s friend can be annoying, but it is also very rewarding.

– You’re smart, you’re not as smart as I am, but you’re smart.”

22. Loves to make me discover the world: Switzerland, New York, Saint John, London, Turks and Caicos, Chicago, Washington, Philly, Istanbul, Dublin, Hong Kong, California etc. (Viennese traveler).

23. Is my biggest style critic: “Where are your pearls? Your bag doesn’t really match your shoes.” (Viennese)

24. Like his wife, he’s an in-your-face person. (Dear Mr. and Ms. Thin-skinned, Watch out for the Sturms!)

25. Supports my Veganism ♥ (Cooks Vegan meals and finds out restaurants with Vegan dishes!)


7th Wedding anniversary: I love you Austrian Husband ♥!!!