Basic Rules For My Students

Impertinent Moi, Little French Things, Teacher's Secrets! / Sunday, July 17th, 2016

 My Dream Student:

1. manages her/ his homework on time even though she / he burns the candle at both ends. 

  • “My dog ate my homework.” NO!

2. doesn’t ask a bunch of questions 15 minutes before / after class. Because you paid for 90 minutes (not 105).

  • “Let me ask you something…” NO!

3. is style confident and doesn’t ask me if I like her/ his clothes. There are two important rules:

  • Confidence is ALWAYS the fanciest style. 
  • I couldn’t care less, except if I really like your style.

4. is sold on me and doesn’t try to lowball me out.

  • If you’re my private student: High price = High quality.
  • If you’re taking classes at the language school, discuss that with the staff.

5. knows that extravagant softwares don’t worth the splurge. 

  • “My new program is absolutely faaabulous!” . NO!

6. doesn’t stress out because it’s sooo difficult . Just calm down, making mistakes is normal and I’ve never executed anyone!

  • “I can’t do it, I’m so bad!” NO!

7. puts aside her / his private problems in not time. I’m not your therapist. If I were, I would charge you more!

  • “I just had a fight with my wife.” NO!

8. does not feel offended when I shoot from the hip! Please keep in mind that I’m French.

9. does not expect to become fluent after three sessions. 

  • “I watched a French movie and I couldn’t understand a word!” NO! 

10. does not patronize the other students from another country.

  • ” I can’t understand him / her because he / she is from…” NO!

11. does understand that I can not block students out from taking my class. At the end of the day, it’s always the school’s decision.  A French class is not different from your real life: you ‘ll surround yourself with different kinds of people.

  • He / She shouldn’t be in our class, he / she too advanced, shy, annoying…” NO!

12. is honest and doesn’t gossip about me via email. If you have something to discuss: Be brave and face me! 

  • “The last class I had with her was horrible…” NO!

13. For American students only: Doesn’t try to convince me that his / her non- native speaker of French teacher was the best teacher he / she’ s ever had. That is a common fallacy in the U.S., more about this topic next week.

In a nutshell, it is not astrophysics: 😉

  • Native speaker of French teachers teach authentic French.
  • Non – native speaker of French teachers teach imitated French.