Coffee in Hong Kong

Impertinent Lifestyle, Impertinent Moi, Traveling Around / Monday, June 27th, 2016

 The Austrian Husband and I lived one of my most incredible culinary moment in Hong Kong. Taking my first breakfast at the Madeira café was very convenient since we just had to take elevator 4 floors down. We were very surprised to see that the croissants were very similar to French croissants! And you know me: I am the most fussy croissant tester you’ve ever seen in the world. I just can not eat bad croissants.

Remember when I mentioned the “cuteness everywhere”? This happened in the food too. It seems that people from Hong Kong do everything perfect! These croissants were not only fresh but they looked and were delicious. You can imagine my anxiety when I ordered my coffee because:

– I am very picky, I don’t drink any coffee.

– The pre travel brainwashing argument: “you will see, coffee tastes horrible in China” stuck in my head. But you will never be able to imagine my huge relief when I took my first sip! Phew: Excellent!

The moral of the story: Never trust anyone else concerning your culinary taste, except the real connaisseur (BTW this is the real French spelling) / me.