Three Months in Santa Monica (California)

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Favorite Stuff

Pet Peeves List

Refinery Café with the cutest baristas (their slogan). There’s nothing better to start the day with a strong coffee which could wake up the dead. Remember that?

Strolling is so impossible. Austrian Husband and I enjoy walking around for hours. It is not only healthy but it allows us to discover nice secret spots you wouldn’t find in any guidebook. But Santa Monica has just downtown and nothing else to offer, unless you enjoy looking at the nothingness.



Californian Weather! Hold on: 20°C? Is that winter? I can’t tell you how glad I was to escape the Bostonian Winter.


Hipster city / town. Unfortunately, I had to hipster up my wardrobe because you know what they say: “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Au revoir pearls, top siders and Barbour jacket. No need to be dressed to the nines! Impertinent Hipster

Public transport is so cheap: $1!

Have you ever taken a bus for that price? 
Other cool transportation

They say Americans are superficial. But you haven’t seen anything until you come to California! Because of my absolute Frenchness, I still have to struggle with the contrived “Hiiiii! How are you???!!!” in a restaurant. I find it pretty… let’s say “overwhelming”.
The least superficial guy:

Living next to the beach is a pleasant idea.


The beach attracts too many tourists.

Healthy food. I absolutely love eating salad and fruits! Everything is organic here. You can even drink tap water.


Not enough diversity. Even Berlin has more diversity! Biracial couples don’t seem to be trendy here.

Bottom line for softies:
I enjoyed more or less my Californian stay. I admit that it’s worth to go there just to relax and forget the stress. Bottom line for those who are not afraid of reading my French opinion:
I think I have seen enough yoga pants, vegan restaurants and food trucks (with vegan-cucumber ice cream) for the rest of my life. Merci et adieu Santa Monica!


Austrian Husband à la plage