I Love Hong Kong

Globe-Trotting, Impertinent Lifestyle, Traveling Around / Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

The Austrian Husband and I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport in December, 2014. After the very fast and efficient customs process, we hit the octopus card counter. My first bit of Hong Kong was this airport; so much cuteness everywhere! Very different from all other airports I’ve been in so far. At that moment, I knew that my Hong Kong stay had already gotten off to a very good start!

We lived in a small, but gorgeous, flat (excuse my British English, but this is Hong Kong, after all) in Kowloon. http://www.maderagroup.com/hotel_residence/ The Austrian Husband was smart enough to arrange us a flat in the right area, which means not the expat’s part that we usually shun like the plague. This is one of the reasons I love the Austrian Husband! I mean… Even the breakfast was cute!!!

Photo Dec 30, 12 54 49 PM
The day after, we decided to stroll around since the Husband didn’t have to work yet. For me, it was the first time in Asia, save a short stint to the Asian part of Istanbul. Beautiful Chinese signs everywhere, more crowded streets than hell (technically I’ve never been in hell, except for Germany maybe, but I can imagine how crowded it is) and as clean as heaven (same deal)! Hong Kongese seem to be very OCD and I give them props to them for it. You would never smell any bad odors on the crowded train. Believe me, I used to take the subway in Paris and NYC, so I do know how terrible it is at rush hour. Ugh!

There is a tremendous amount of malls in Hong Kong. Some of my favorite ones are the Miramar Mall (Mira mall) in Tsim Sha Tsu http://www.mira-mall.com/ and, of course, Harbour City http://www.harbourcity.com.hk/en/shopping/all-stores/new-opening-soon. Besides being gorgeous, I found it incredibly fascinating how they offered French brands (Agnès B, for example) you would never find in the US., not even in NYC. As a stationery addict, I was more than happy to discover the store Qips where I bought my two Midori notebooks. One of them is a traveller’s Hong
Kong special edition:

Harbour City was my second favorite mall, not only because I could buy Ladurée macarons, but amazing stationery at Page One http://www.pageonegroup.com/1/hongkong.html and Log On. It is always pleasant to shop in a very fancy environment.

Hong Kong women have a stunning style that any Parisian (me) would be jealous of. They seem to share my personal stylistic approach. That is, they choose clothes complimenting their esthetic, and have fabulous accessories (shoes and bags were generally color-coordinated). Having met many Hong Kong women made me realize how strong they are. That’s the way they bring up their daughters: strong and independent, not intimidated by anyone- especially not by male expats. Special warning for my male readers: if you go to H.K., show respect or be ready to face the consequences.

Today I have to say that I really miss Hong Kong. We’re planning on visiting China again soon. I’m itching for it, although I know that it is not going to top H.K.

There are so many things I love about H.K., but there a few things I have to harp about. These are stories for my upcoming posts!


PS: Do you want to know how my last day in Hong Kong was? Tears were just pouring out of my eyes… Well, not only because I had to leave my favorite city ever, but because of the next destination: Santa Monica, California.