The Day I Became Unfaithful

Impertinent Lifestyle, Impertinent Moi / Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


During our stay in California, we drove a little bit around because… just because! On our way to Pasadena, Austrian Husband and I stopped at Intelligenstia Coffee in Silver Lake Los Angeles for our morning double espresso and macchiato that prevent us from going into a funk.

We hadn’t had any breakfast, so we were hungry. There is a thing about really good coffee shops in California: They don’t offer a large selection of food. They may have a couple of muffins and some croissants, but that’s it. It may come off as surprising to you but: you’re supposed to drink coffee in a coffee shop! We took our hot beverages and it was DELISH! I drank my coffee fasterthan an Italian would drink her/his espresso! Austrian Husband needed a little bit more time because, you know, he’s from Vienna and they’re known for being as fast as a snail (a Viennese snail, of course, because French snails are generally much faster). We had a doughnut that looked as if it were right off of a New England farm. Don’t be angry East Coasters: that is the impertinent truth! Hand it over delish number two! They got me! I enjoyed this guilty pleasure a lot.

O.K., technically, I wasn’t really cheating since there isn’t an Intelligenstia coffee shop in Santa Monica. So, I am definitely still able to hold my head high, aren’t I?