My Regular Coffee Hang Out Spot
in Santa Monica

Globe-Trotting, Impertinent Lifestyle / Monday, May 9th, 2016

As you know (since you are a fervent reader of my blog), my serenity depends on the amount of caffeine I take every morning.

Remember that?
If you met Austrian Husband, he would tell you that I almost act like a 50 year old Viennese coffee house:

I like to be recognized by the server as soon as I enter the location. “Good morning Sandra, how are you today?” I like to get my order without asking, because they do know me: “Single macchiato?!” I like to sit in the same place for at least three hours, blogging. (And yes, I become very upset if someone dares to sit on MY spot). I am the snobbiest coffee drinker you’ll ever meet. Well, at least that what I thought before I discovered The Refinery

 The Refinery not only has a coffee to die for, but the baristas take their job very seriously. I get the feeling they know everything about coffee. Having an extravagant coffee machine doesn’t mean you can make coffee, you have to know how to use it! They know exactly what they are doing: my macchiato is strong enough to give me superpowers to survive in Santa Monica. And, as you know, I do need these superpowers!

I have been enjoying my coffee there to the point that I feel bad if I go to an other café. Drinking my caffeine infusion somewhere else would mean cheating on my baristas. And I am against any forms of betray.

If you go to Santa Monica, have a cup at The Refinery!
This is NOT a sponsored post 🙂 
Refinery café
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