Racism in France

Impertinent Moi, Traveling Around / Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

I spent my childhood in France without having to endure any racist remarks (lucky me!). Why’s that? I grew up in France in the 80s. At that time, no one in my entourage gave a damn about race or religion. I remember absolutely every student at the high school cafeteria pretending to be Muslim to be able to order the delicious chicken that looked better that the pork meal. I remember everyone eating fish on Fridays without knowing the reason. We couldn’t care less, fish was delicious! I don’t remember anyone asking me the question: “Where are you parents from?”. I don’t remember having experienced microagression https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microaggression_theory. The students were more interested in my clothes and my style. Nowadays, I don’t live in France anymore, but I read French newspapers, blogs and my family lives in France. Being non-white in France has become such a pain in the ass! I wince when I think of all my brave black, Arab and Asian brothers and sisters who are daily harassed by the cops in France. This dirty little secret of France is barely evoked in French class because students are legitimately drawn to fashion or French cuisine. When you are in Paris, observing non-white teenagers being roughly frisked by the police, please do a little bit of reflecting. That’s all I’m asking: a little bit of reflecting…

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