Great Teacher, Great Student (Part 2)

Impertinent Moi, Teacher's Secrets!, Uncategorized / Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Have you missed the first part?

A Great Teacher :                                                                        A Great Student:

4. listens to her/his students. If you want to talk about fashion and your tutor persists in reviewing grammar, it means that she/he didn’t listen to you.

There are two options:

– You say nothing but secretly hope he swallows his grammar book (that what they call: frustration).

– You go to the rival tutor who may be more expensive but ready to discuss about your needs and what YOU want to do. It is not different from buying shoes, if the ones you want are not available in one store, you will go to another store.

4. listens to the teacher and the other students, pays attention to details.
5. teaches you the French culture as well. Because as a foreigner she/he knows that when you live aboard, adapting in a different environment and accepting other tradition is crucial.

You don’t want to look like “the American tourist” who gives 20% tip and whom everybody laughs at, do you?

5. does not laugh about other cultures, because eating peanut butter for lunch/American gastronomy (oxymoron) may be considered as “chocking” by French people (cough*me*cough).

– accepts the French culture. The course description does not say: “Let’s transform my Parisian teacher into an American citizen”, but “Learning French with the help of a native speaker from France.”

6. dresses correctly. It doesn’t mean she/he has to wear a new marinière everyday (, but avoid the scarecrow look. Except if you want a “hipster-teacher”. 6. does not show off her/his brand-name clothes, because it’s disrespectful for those who can not afford it, and boring for the other one who can afford it but don’t need to broadcast it because THEY are classy.

Does not show off with her/his degree. Please keep in mind that there are always people who have more than you.

To be continued…