Great Teacher, Great Student (Part 1)

Impertinent Moi, Teacher's Secrets! / Monday, April 25th, 2016

She/He is One Heck Of A Great French Teacher because she/he:

She/He’s one Heck Of A Great American Student because she/he:

1. arrives 5-10 minutes early to set everything up. You don’t want to spend the first 10 minutes of your 60- minute expensive session watching her/him looking for her/his book, material… O.K. maybe she/he is VERY attractive, and it doesn’t bother you observing her/him, in this case, I recommend to watch T.V. or read a magazine instead of taking classes. 1. is on time. French teachers are sensitive creatures, they may not appreciate to be interrupted by students who show up late with the grace of a rhinoceros. Except if you are a rock star like Madonna for instance, who would be charged more than $300 an hour.
2. is prepared! She/he should have read and edited your compositions before your session. Correcting the assignments during the session is too late. Let’s say you wrote a paragraph about a special topic, your teacher should check the special terms you used and discuss them in class. Taking a quick look at it is not preparation. 2. always completes her/his homework doesn’t come off with these very popular student’s excuses:

1. I worked a lot last week.

2. Did you really give us something to do?

3. I forgot my homework at home.

4. Sorry I changed my bag.

Sometimes they like to combine all of those excuses, which is, if you ask me, very creative: “I couldn’t do my homework because I had to a lot to do at work, but what did you give us actually? It doesn’t matter, I don’t have my book because I picked my other bag.”

The: the dog who ate the assignment excuse is passé. Don’t bother to use it.

3. doesn’t gossip about other French teachers, because she/he’s confident enough to know that she/he’s better than the others and ignore them. She/he doesn’t gossip about his/her other students either. 3. does not laugh at other students’ accents if she/he doesn’t want to be laughed at by her/his French teacher.

Are you a great student? Do you have a great teacher?