Happy Birthday To Me: Level 42

Impertinent Lifestyle, Impertinent Moi / Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Changing Over The Years

Moi in 2006

Moi in 2016

  1. Taught French in Berlin, Germany.
  2. Heard every day: “Was heißt das?!!!”
  3. Wore Barbour jacket, pearls and Timberland boat shoes.
  4. Spoke German like a Berliner.
  5. Started being as strong as a bear. (I’m not referring to the nice Californian bear, but the real “Berliner Bär
  6. Dated a Berliner guy.
  7. Got up at 6.00 AM.
  8. Was never in Asia.
  9. Looked 15 years longer than she was.
  10. Had to justify her Frenchness.
  11. Was nicknamed: “the witch”, “the dragon” and considered: “authentic” and “direct”.
  1. Teaches French in Boston, Mass.
  2. Hears every day: “What’s that?”
  3. Wears Barbour jacket, pearls and Sperry top siders.
  4. Speaks English with a strong French accent.
  5. Keeps on being strong.
  6. Now married to the hot Austrian Husband.
  7. Gets up at 5.12 AM.
  8. Is in love with Hong Kong.
  9. Looks 10 years younger than she is.
  10. Is more appreciated because she doesn’t look like that Amélie. (horrible movie) Dear Bostonites students I love you all!
  11. Hasn’t been nicknamed since Americans are too polite for that.

How have you changed over the years?