11 Indications You’re a Free Lancer French Teacher

Teacher's Secrets! / Friday, December 11th, 2015


  1. You studied French as a foreign language or French lit, believing your professors who told you you’re going to make a real career, and because there wasn’t any other alternatives (you suck at maths).
  2. You studied international relations, graphic design or you’re an artist waiting for success and the world to recognize your talent!
  3. You’re exploited and underpaid and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have a smart significant other with a “real” job so you’ll be able to have an awesome life.
  4. Your efforts to convince other teachers that: “together we are stronger” is a losing battle for you. And you know it!
  5. Evening classes are the hard part of your day. Starting your workday at 7:00 PM should be illegal!
  6. You’re very tempted to hit the first person who asks you: “How do you say … in French?” Even when this someone is one of your friends.
  7. You’re tired of going to parties where there’s always one person who “had 2 semesters French in college” and is trying to chit chat in French with you right now. In this case, my favorite answer would be: “Normally I charge $100 an hour”
  8. You stick to your smartphone checking your emails every 5 minutes because you don’t want to lose the next class offer and be unemployed for 3 months.
  9. You’re scared to fall out of favor in your school (and thus being unemployed). After a while, you don’t care because life is too short.
  10. If you live abroad, you’ll speak more French (because of your job) than the local language. Bummer!
  11. The only comfort comes when you get a good evaluation from your students because after all, you love your job!