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You know me, I’m a professional complainer (or Parisian French), but I have a heart too (that I open only under exceptional circumstances). The time is ripe to show my gratitude to some current and former students who have made my life easier in class. FYI, I never praise people out of courtesy! (I stress the word never!)

I changed the students’ names in order to maintain their anonymity. Nevertheless, they will be able to recognize themselves as I have retained the first initial in their names.


Merci à Juliette: the Ballerina with Einstein’s Brain (Berlin, Germany).

I worked 8 years as a French instructor in Germany. I feel like I met a billion students. The only one I want to remember is Juliette, a former ballet dancer. Pinkie swear, she was the most amazing student I had met in Berlin! She was as classy as a Hong Kong/Parisian woman and, surprisingly, I could see eye to eye with her, Wow! I’D never seen someone that determined and meticulous and who was able to understand everything so fast. I never had to explain a grammatical rule to her twice! Obviously, she’s no longer my student, but I’ve heard that she’s basking in bliss: great family and a perfect job. As usually: Well done Juliette!

Merci à Elle, Léna, Mélanie, Jim and Aurore: the Gang (Cambridge, MA, US.).

These students are a laugh a minute! We crack up every week. It’s always a pleasure to get up in the morning knowing that I will teach them. Later in the day, they tell incredible stories using the learned vocabulary and grammar (a dream for every teacher!). I am blown away by how talented and knowledgeable about Paris history these students are. I was pretty overwhelmed getting settled in Boston following from my 6 months traveling, but, I have to admit, knowing they were going to be my first class this year was a huge relief! There is nothing better than teaching interesting and interested students. They totally understand my philosophy about language learning: No stress brings you to success! Keep it up guys, your zeal for French culture is amazing!

Merci à Judith: Classy and Sassy (Cambridge, MA, US.).

I would say that Judith is one of the few people I’ve met who could feel comfortable in Paris. I’m not just talking about her great style, but her natural talent to talk turkey. She is never afraid of a real face-off. When she doesn’t like an exercise, she is sure to let me know. She knows I’ll never be offended, because that is exactly how I want students to act in class: don’t fall silent whenever a subject is comes out of the table: Speak up, shoot! She always walks her little sassiness to class and understands French sarcasm perfectly. Furthermore, even if she regularly burns the midnight oil, (she sometimes works 80 hours a week) I only saw her tired once! What’s your secret Judith?

Merci à Nathalie: Perfection (Cambridge, MA US.).

Nathalie is the kind of person who can do EVERYTHING. She can repair her car, pilots her boat, cook dinner for 30 people, build furniture, take care of her 4 children and always completes her homework… and she looks great! This is the kind of person any other woman would be jealous of, but she’s the nicest and most agreeable person on earth. Truth be told, I look up to her because not admiring her is impossible. She inspired me to get up at 5.00 AM as she does (well, actually I get up at 5.12 AM). Dear Nathalie, we’ve become “early bird sisters” and that’s awesome!

Merci à Wanda (my favorite new-yorkaise fashionista), Stacy, Nupur,
Victoria, Alexander, Soffy, Thereza, Liza etc.

Unfortunately, I can not name you all. Let’s sum it up:

MERCI BEAUCOUP to all my former, current and future students!


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  1. Merci Sandra! ☺️ I’m loving your posts/blog!
    I loved being in your class. We’re all lucky students to have had you as our instructor.

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