I Hella Heart San Fransisco

Traveling Around / Friday, November 20th, 2015

San Francisco’s Little Italy is divine
. They serve excellent coffee. As a real coffee snob, I can tell if my poison is going to be upscale or a disappointing cup of Joe before even sipping it!

café San Fran http://coffee.caffetrieste.com/

Strolling at least 4 hours in San Fran is like hiking on the street, which is, by the way, totally healthy for your calves!

San Fran

 They have an incomparable book store. Well, you’ll love it if you have left-wing views.

Bookstore San Fran http://www.citylights.com/

Sea lions have their own kingdom. They are so smart that they were able to let the humans refurbish the docks for them. Well played, guys! There should be an adage: “As happy as a sea lion in San Fran!”

San Fran http://www.pier39.com/home/attractions/on-the-pier/sea-lions/

You can go to the more or less French Café de la Presse. More because of the name, less because they serve you ketchup with the omelette, ugh!… And I don’t get me started on their coffee.

café de la Presse1  café de la presse2 http://cafedelapresse.com/

If you’re really into sightseeing, take the San Francisco cable car. Please don’t forget to read the cable car etiquette before!

cable car https://www.sfmta.com/getting-around/transit/how-ride/how-to-cable-cars

If you’re a hipster, you’ll feel on top of the world in La Mission.
You will not only find charming coffee shops filled with scraggly-bearded guys in plaid shirts plugging away at their Macbook, but also a bunch of home goods stores selling you stuff that you don’t really need. That being said, I personally think that gentrification is AWFUL because I tend to side with the low-income families and small businesses who are going to lose everything they’ve built. But that is an other story…


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