How Teachers Sugarcoat Everything (Part2)

Teacher's Secrets! / Friday, November 13th, 2015

Have you missed the first part? I’m going to give you an other chance, voilà:

How Teachers Sugarcoat Everything (Part1)
Guess what: there is going to be a third part!


What students say:
“Adepte” is a French word? And you put an “e” at the end? Why is that? I don’t get it.

I’m so bad, certainly because I’m stupid.

What is your concept?

I should use colored pen? But I am NOT  a little girl!

It is too expensive!

I’m going to Paris tomorrow for the first time. I’m scared!

What a teacher says:
This is French.That is how we write it.

No, you’re not. It is a new language for you. I’m here to help you. Just focus!

Grammar and conversation.

Using colors will help you to remember things when you’re at home and review your notes.

I only teach here. I don’t set the prices.

Don’t panic!

What a teacher really thinks:
Duh! That’s why we call it French and not English!

He/She’s not stupid. That lack of confidence! Sighs…

If you had read the orientation handout I gave you at the beginning of the class…

Why the f. do they think colored pen are for little girls? Pens!!! We’re talking about pens!!! Relax!

If you knew how much I get paid

Now I am panicking!!!