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Three Months in Santa Monica (California)

Favorite Stuff Pet Peeves List Refinery Café with the cutest baristas (their slogan). There’s nothing better to start the day with a strong coffee which could wake up the dead. Remember that? Strolling is so impossible. Austrian Husband and I enjoy walking around for hours. It is not only healthy but it allows us… Read More Three Months in Santa Monica (California)

Impertinent Lifestyle, Impertinent Moi

The Day I Became Unfaithful

During our stay in California, we drove a little bit around because… just because! On our way to Pasadena, Austrian Husband and I stopped at Intelligenstia Coffee in Silver Lake Los Angeles for our morning double espresso and macchiato that prevent us from going into a funk. We hadn’t had any breakfast, so we were… Read More The Day I Became Unfaithful